Areas And Hacks For Office Cleaning

There is going to be a lot of stuff you need to do when cleaning your office.  If your office is not clean you won’t be productive.  The big question will come will you do it yourself or will you hire commercial cleaning services in Cleveland OH to do tasks for you.


One area that gets really dirty is the microwave.  When we cook something we need to put a towel over it or cover it with a container lid.  This will help hold in the heat and prevent the food from spattering all over the microwave.  Prevention is going to be a major way to keep it clean.

Cleaning your keyboard

One of the areas of an office that never gets clean is your computer keyboard.  The keyboard is probably the number one thing that is touched or used in your office.  We eat at our keyboard and even drop the oddest items on it.  To clean the keyboard, consider getting a post-it note and with the sticky side facing the dirt run it through the grooves through the keys and have the sticky substance pick up all of the dirt and grime.

Removing permanent maker from your whiteboards

When working in a meeting you might grab a permanent marker instead of the dry erase markers we wanted to use.  When this happens we may think our board is ruined.  Well, to get rid of these marks simply write over the marker with your dry erase version let it set for a moment or two and then use the eraser like normal.  The chemicals in the dry erase will react to the ink allowing it to be removed.

commercial cleaning services in Cleveland OH

When it comes to cleaning your office there are going to be a lot of different areas that we don’t think about cleaning or clean on a random basis.  Here are some most common areas that are rarely touched and how you can keep them clean.

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